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What is Reiki?

reiki_kanji_2Rei – is Spirit/Wisdom; Ki – is Life force energy
Reiki is the use of the Universal Life Force Energy to enable healing and better overall health.
Reiki is spiritual in nature, independent and works with any belief system one has.
Reiki works with positive intention for everything on the planet. Everything is created of energy; therefore everything we can conceive of can be affected by the positive energy of Reiki.
A Reiki practitioner allows the Universal energy or chi to flow into the client; the energy will know where to go.
I would refer you to a well written article on Reiki here.


Dr Mikao Usui is the founder of Reiki. There are many theories as to how Reiki came to be from when Dr Usui brought it into fruition. Much of the history seems quite convoluted, yet Reiki has been passed down through many masters to where it is today. My intention with this paragraph is to point out that Reiki has a long and varied history, yet it is used worldwide by many people. Reiki has only positive energy and therefore what Dr Usui “found” so many years ago has become a tool to help people find healing and comfort in today’s world.
Here is a selection of links that give a history of how Reiki came into being. This is by no means complete but should give the reader a clearer idea about Reiki’s history.
History 1
History 2
History 3

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