Many of us human beings shy away from change; it is easy to become “comfortable” in our daily routines and lives. On and on life goes and soon many great possibilities have passed us by. The Universe is filled with endless possibilities and so if one is open to change then those possibilities can manifest, leading to beautiful and unexpected journeys.

My own life is a wonderful example of change(s). Until I started on my Spiritual/Energy Journey around 1999 I consciously did not think of change let alone as it being a positive event to have happen. I was very immersed in my life as child, teenager, student and then worker and parent. When children come along of course there are changes but I did not give conscious thought to those changes; they just happened. The Spiritual/Energy growth I have experienced since 1999 has been a wonderful gift in many respects. Sixteen years later having studied Reiki, Geotran, Pure Awareness and many other forms of energy work I now have a high respect for change and the opportunities it can bring for me.

In those sixteen years I have studied and practised energy work and along with that have met some very important teachers and masters. Initially it took time to recognize that certain people and situations had much to teach me. As my Self grew I began to be open to the change that was happening in and around my life. Change can be difficult at times, there is the immediate fear that comes up about “what if this and that”, but taking on that challenge of the change has led some very important gifts in my life. Those gifts include people, learning curves (doing our income taxes), changes in my ambulance work situation as well as having two wonderful grandchildren; many other things as well.

Change is afoot once again and yes, “fear” has been present. I now have a better grasp on how to handle the challenges through the use of Spiritual/Energy practise, my sensei’s and many friends who understand the change factors. I have the deepest gratitude for the fact that I will be receiving an attunement from my friend and master Patricia Coleman for the Master Reiki Symbol very soon. In conversation with Patricia apparently the student (my Self) is ready and very much look forward to this attunement, the challenges and changes it will bring. The moment is right for this change to happen in my life.

With Gratitude and Thankfulness.
Jacqueline Allan

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