March 8, 2013

March 8, 2013

It is a beautiful sunny day, a day worthy of enjoyment and contemplation of the beautiful planet we live on. Already I have had a wonderful conversation with a close friend and sat outside reading one of my Reiki magazines as well as a basic book on Buddhism.

My friend Dotti and I were talking, catching up on our respective lives. She asked me how my Reiki business was going and why my blog entry was empty. My reply was that I was spending time doing too many other things and that the blog had been forgotten. Our conversation was a good reminder to get started on my Reiki blog. Thank you Dotti; right person at the right time!

Reiki has been important in my life now for about 12 years or so. I use it daily for a myriad of reasons. I Reiki when I drive our vehicles to protect myself (or us) and the car/truck, I use it when I cook food to say thank you to the plants and animals that gave their lives so we may eat (also to the cooking utensils) and perhaps the most common use of Reiki for me is to help myself and others. I believe that by protecting myself and my family with Reiki we are more likely to have positive experiences on a daily basis.
I volunteer with the Distance Healing Network ( and Reiki is the primary way for me to send out positive energy to those who I have as healing requests. I know the using Reiki in this manner works as I have had positive feedback from family who I have included. The occasional feedback from The Distance Healing Network does occur, but it is rare. From the energy work I have done through these past years I know that even if there is no feedback, there is still “good things” happening when Reiki is sent out to all sentient beings on this planet.

Interestingly the article on chose to read this morning was about PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and Reiki. Why I chose this one, no absolute answer but one of my close friends has recently had an accident and perhaps that was the trigger for reading this particular article. The author was speaking of signs, symptoms, causes and effects and then how to use Reiki to help the person. Most of the writing was centered around trauma to do with war, but certainly there are many other causes of PTSD. If I read the article correctly, I would believe that many of us have had or still have some form of stress associated with a trauma or other life event. Clearly Reiki can help a person achieve a level of peace. It should be noted that Reiki will not cure the cause but rather helps the person to achieve a place in their lives where they can then be able to let go of the cause.

Wish everyone a beautiful and peaceful day.

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